Creative Ways To Use Social Media For PR

We all know the impact social media has on the marketing industry. More than 76% of the journalists say that social media is better in all the terms – it works better on the reach and sharing ability, if we use social media effectively for PR it is one of the best modern tools for planning a PR campaign. 

Here are the five creative ways to use social media for PR:

1. Media and Influencers relations

Public relations specialists acknowledge the importance of media relationships in the market industry. Interaction with media outlets, journalists, bloggers, and influencers on social media is crucial. The idea is to extend the professional relationship and not just keep it limited to presenting a press release pitch. This results in better chances of gaining media attention if the right outlets are tapped onto.

When it comes to developing these relevant relationships, value provision, extended conversation, and relevant information – social media is the right platform. Always keep your relationship with media personnel professional as bombarding them with pitches and proposals is disrespectful.

2. Content distribution and facilitation of brand message

Distribution of content is a tried and tested strategy of social media. It also gives a chance to the PR team to facilitate the message of the brand and work towards awareness.  They can control which content is to be shared with the proper brand messaging every time.

When it comes to content-creation in PR and the distribution for the social media accounts make sure that it follows the brand guidelines and objectives which are set for the PR campaign.

3. Press release – incorporation of social sharing

A simple, but operative way to assimilate social media into a PR campaign is by incorporating social sharing into the distribution of press releases. It gives leverage to readers and media outlets to start with the distribution within seconds online.

If you also embed the social media links and relevant posts in your press release – it increases engagement and reaches among your readers.

4. Campaign Hashtags

Hashtags were only used before to follow the conversation online, but now it is treated as a strategic tool for PR objectives. The following can be accomplished if hashtags are properly leveraged on social media:

  • Monitor customer conversations centered around the particular campaign
  • Understand how the campaign is performing among intended audiences
  • Engage in user/customer conversations online
  • Ensure campaign and brand content is easily searchable

5. Real-Time Crisis Management

Public relations specialists have this responsibility to diminish all online/digital crises that give your brand a negative brand reputation. Social media platforms always let brands and PR teams to respond to a real-time crisis situation and respond to any issues posed by the consumers through digital conversations. As much as the digitalized world has grown it now lets the people connect directly to the brand which does result in positive feedback but also gives customers a free hand to report and complain about the brand. The existence of social media and PR strategies around them helps the PR team to manage this crisis timely.

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