Lessons to learn from Instagram Influencers

Instagram has been running since long now – but with growing time and age brands are gradually getting more inclined towards Instagram. Some reasons of Instagram popularity are the way it visualizes storytelling, provides functionality and also it has a nature which is focuses on community.

Instagram has highest growth rate but also it gives us a lot to learn from within the app. Here are lessons from Instagram Influencers to help you plan a great marketing strategy.


Instagram turns collaboration between an influencer and a brand or the consumers into something which is more like a creative bond. Influencer collaboration focuses the consumer’s thinking on how the content is interactive and also a real product or service is being tested.

Treat your Instagram profile like your website

When they say that first impression is the last impression – with an Instagram profile this stands out to be true. When a consumer wants to reach out to you the first thing they see is your profile. If you don’t build or nurture your profile like it’s the homepage of your website then you may lose a consumer.

Instagram gives you a lot of option to make your profile look beautiful and interactive. You can use the highlight feature to show some of your great work or important messages. Plus your bio should be so well-crafted that it should speak for itself.

Rally Around Customers

Your customers are your followers – they are those individuals you want to target – so leverage on Instagram by extending a hand to them and creating a bond with them as a part of your brand charisma.

Don’t only focus on selling your products

When it comes to Instagram your product wouldn’t sell or gather any audience until and unless you don’t sell a lifestyle along with it. Because your aim shouldn’t be selling your product – it should be how your product makes space in their lives.

Provide opportunities to your followers

Providing opportunities to followers are usually understood as contests. No, it doesn’t have to be contests all the time. You can make your followers a part of your brand in a wholesome manner by using Instagram as a medium to create bigger and better opportunities.

When you open up the brand to what public gives you in return it ultimately gives better results than any giveaway or a contest.

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