The content a company puts out into the market for its PR is not just a supplement. Consider your content production as a core part of your PR strategy, rather than something to be mindlessly distributed across the internet. The quality of your content will directly contribute to the effectiveness of the PR.

That is why we want to tell you how to refine your content marketing to boost your PR, to give you the results you always wanted. Refining your content takes understanding, technique, and strategy. We bring you a few tips to get you started:

Visuals are Key

The first step we recommend when refining your content is realizing the importance of multimedia. In the past couple of years, multimedia content has proven to surpass text-only releases by a long shot. Research and statistics have consistently demonstrated that content with pictures, videos, or gifs initiate much more response and engagement from consumers and publicists alike. Honestly, this is not very hard to do: there are plenty of relevant pictures and videos on the internet to compliment your article. There is a reason why most articles, blogs, and social media posts are almost always commenting on or incorporating a video in their releases -it works! So take the time to refine your content releases by adding appropriate media, and you’llsee the effects for yourself!

Stay Organized – Keep Track!

An essential component of refined content is to make sure it is fresh, targeted, and consistent. A successful entrepreneur or business-person will always cross-check and gear their contenttowards their audience. We suggest making a spreadsheet or content calendar to keep track of all your varying types of content. Scheduling your content ahead of time, checking the distribution, and tracking your analytics will help optimize and refine your content production.

Like the type of content you choose to produce, the kind of calendar you plan with will vary based on your company goals, so find one that serves you best!

Rejuvenate Old Content

Just because your content is published, doesn’t mean the work has ended. Don’t let it get dusty.There are all sorts of old content releases that, with simple updates, can instantly boost your PR.Refining old content does not have to be hard! Simple edits such as title changes, updated statistics, and adding current photos can make your content incredibly relevant again. This way, you are not discarding or neglecting your precious work, but continually utilizing it to keep generating views and revenue. This technique also gives you time to refine future projects because your engagement is kept up through the older content.

We hope that these simple techniques help you to polish your regular content – old or new – and make it in to something really worth your while. Remember, quality is always better than quantity – the more the audience likes your work, the more they’ll visit your website, and invest in your products, and love your brand. It’s a win-win situation. So, don’t forget to tap in to your hidden gold-mine for your company PR, and refine your content now!