PR Manager

We are in search of a public relations manager to help our company in building and implementing an effective PR and media strategy, and ensuring a successful media coverage. You will be required to maintain a positive image of our company while also developing cooperative relationships with the representatives of the community, clients, employees, or public interest groups. As a PR manager you will be expected to form a draft or oversee the formation of media releases and content on social media, establish relationships with a significant group of people such as key influencers and manage the unforeseen situations. You will be working on making proactive PR strategies for our organisation, while also analysing day-to-day performance and growth of these strategies. The essential requirements for an ideal candidate for this position are communication and organisational skills in order to coordinate with the relevant external parties as well as the efforts of their staff. You will also be required to write or approve digital content for our company’s social media platforms, such as regular posts, blogs, or tweets. The right candidate should be able to extend their efforts in order to proceed from thinking of big and creative ideas to the actions supporting those ideas, and finally generating productive results.

Job Description:

  • Develop and shape Mystic’s PR strategy and long term vision
  • Implement the right strategy in coordination with the PR team and assess its success
  • Carry out a research and establish relationships with the relevant representatives
  • Should be able to create and maintain a positive public image of Mystic by communicating its long term vision, accomplishments with the clients, and further programs to the relevant media groups
  • An ability to prioritise and plan successfully
  • Should be aware of various media agendas which can be utilised in our company’s favour

What does Mystic offer?

Mystic PR is a diversified group of talented and determined individuals who strive hard to implement plans and produce effective results. You will remain competent in the market as we handle key areas such as brand and consumer media relations, publicity, social media, broadcasting, and networking for different brands. Also, as we offer project and event publicity, damage limitation strategies, brand image consultancy, and personal PR, you will be able to gain immense exposure to the field of PR management.

Relevant Experience:

  • Relevant degree in the field of Public Relations
  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Journalism, Communications, or marketing with a PR or advertising majors will be preferred
  • Proven experience as a PR manager or other relevant areas of public relations
  • Should be able to communicate efficiently both verbally, and in writing
  • Excellent interpersonal skills are required to coordinate with the internal staff members along with the external parties
  • Must be experienced in forming judgments with the help of research in order to plan and accomplish goals

PR Executive

A Public Relations (PR) executive is a media and public relations professional who is in charge of creating, implementing, monitoring, and assessing communications strategies in order to support communication goals and maximum favourable exposure in local, national, and international markets. We're searching for a motivated Public Relations (PR) Executive to handle the company's interactions with outside parties. You will be the company's "face" and will play a key role in increasing the company's popularity and trustworthiness. A great public relations executive is a great communicator. They must have the ability to identify and engage the proper target audience through their inventiveness and knowledge of various approaches. Your goal will be to create a strong communications network around the company that must ensure a positive public image and increase awareness of the company and its brand. Are you an experienced Public Relations (PR) professional looking for a new challenge and a chance to grow your skills and career in an enthusiastic workplace? If you're a top-tier Public Relations (PR) executive who’s open to challenges, we've set the stage and are looking for someone who can shine and deliver!

Job Description:

  • You will be required to draw out a plan, implement it and direct public relations strategies
  • Organize and supervise a variety of public relations operations
  • Each activity and event's performance should be evaluated
  • Use a variety of channels to maximise the reach and success of a campaign
  • Work with the marketing team to ensure that the company's brand is consistent
  • You will have to coordinate and schedule interviews with the relevant parties
  • Must be able to carry out research and collect sponsorship opportunities
  • Stay up to date with the latest PR and industry trends, and best possible practices in this field
  • The candidate must be able to measure and generate accurate reports on PR KPIs (key performance indicator which draws out a quantifiable measurement of performance over time for a specific task/object), and each PR campaigns

What does Mystic offer?

Mystic PR is a diverse group of talented and dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to put plans into action and achieve positive results. As we handle crucial areas such as brand and consumer media relations, publicity, social media, broadcasting, and networking for various brands, you will remain competent in the market. Additionally, since we provide project and event publicity, damage limitation tactics, consultations regarding brand image, and personal PR, you will get a lot of exposure to the world of public relations.

Relevant Experience:

  • MA in PR, Communications, Journalism or any relevant field
  • Relevant working experience as Public Relations specialist
  • Candidate must be experienced with Social Media Management
  • The ideal candidate must possess excellent communication, presentation, and leadership skills
  • Competitive organisational and time management skills
  • You must be a critical thinker and analytical problem solver

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