Content Refinement and PR

The content a company puts out into the market for its PR is not just a supplement. Consider your content production as a core part of your PR strategy, rather than something to be mindlessly distributed across the internet. The quality of your content will directly contribute to the effectiveness of the PR. That is […]

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Journalism and social media

Journalism and Social Media

Social Media has revolutionized how we communicate with each other and how we consume information. We can now access masses of information from numerous amounts of resources and platforms at a lightning-fast speed. This revolution has dramatically impacted journalism study and practice, writing and informing people about current events. Now, journalists are obliged to publish […]

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Difference Between PR Manager and a Client Manager

A PR Manager And a Client Manager – What’s The Difference?

It may seem unnecessary to hire both a Public Relations Manager and a Client manager for your company. Do they not both maintain a good relationship with clients and keeping a firm hold on the company image? It may not make sense to pay two salaries in place of one from a company perspective, especially […]

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Lessons to learn from Instagram Influencers

Instagram has been running since long now – but with growing time and age brands are gradually getting more inclined towards Instagram. Some reasons of Instagram popularity are the way it visualizes storytelling, provides functionality and also it has a nature which is focuses on community. Instagram has highest growth rate but also it gives […]

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social media for pr

Creative Ways To Use Social Media For PR

We all know the impact social media has on the marketing industry. More than 76% of the journalists say that social media is better in all the terms – it works better on the reach and sharing ability, if we use social media effectively for PR it is one of the best modern tools for […]

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crisis management plan

Unhealthy Leadership and Crisis Management

When building an organization we should always keep in mind that when we plan for a company to establish and grow; we forget at times that the company will face some crisis as it is a corporate world. So, whenever a company starts building and growing they need to create a crisis management plan. You […]

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